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Bondi Bamboo

Bondi Bamboo

In early 2019, Bondi Bamboo approached Graphegic to create a custom eCommerce Website for the emerging shaving brand. Bondi Bamboo focuses on making shaving as sustainable as possible, through the use of eco-friendly razors. 

Graphegic created a fully custom WordPress eCommerce Website, complete with Inventory & Account Management. The brand required a scaleable solution, and that is what was provided. You can check out the site here.


Bondi Bamboo

April 2019

Website Design & eCommerce Development


Back-end Inventory Management
Interactive Pages & Features
Easy to use and intuitive layout

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Style & Branding

Incorporating Brand Guidelines

After we developed the website, it was time to pretty it up. We used the company logo as our main inspiration, making the entire site tie in the the style and colours of the logo. 

Throughout the site, we have incorporated secondary fonts and colours that tie in with the logo and main styling for the brand. 

Digital Strategy

Throughout the user experience, the product itself, being the razor, is idolised. Having such a focus on the product will allow visitors to the sight to really engage in the information they are viewing.