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What we charge, and how we charge.

How we charge Clients

All projects are quoted based on the amount of hours worked, in relation to our hourly rate. We charge a base rate of $80 per hour (plus GST), however, we do not strictly follow this hourly rate in all cases.

We offer bespoke services and do not charge ‘standard prices’ or ‘package prices’ for our services. We believe every client and project is unique, and should be treated as such. Please contact us for a quote specific to your project.

Additional Expenses

There may be additional expenses on projects. If work is carried out at an external location, any expenses incurred on our behalf will be included in the final invoice for the relevant project. We do our best to liaise with clients prior to the aforementioned expenses being incurred, should they be incurred. Expenses can include but are not limited to Transport & Accommodation.

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