Meet Graphegic.

In the five short months between November 2015 and April 2016, Australia’s restaurant industry changed forever.

First in came UK-born Deliveroo, and then UberEats, the eponymous delivery platform promising restaurants could reach brand new heights.

Over the next four years, these two multinational businesses would turn Australia’s $42 billion cafe, restaurant and takeaway food services industry on its head. In the aftermath of this runaway popularity, thousands of businesses, large and small, signed the dotted line, and platforms quickly became fixtures in cafes and restaurants throughout Australia’s hospitality industry. All the while  these platforms clipping between 14% to 35% from every order.

In late 2019, Chas decided to expand his business and merge his digital and hospitality experience to help restaurants. After speaking to many restaurant owners, Chas realised that restaurants needed to build a model that has long-term and scaleable benefits, unfortunately third party platforms do not do this. In the wake of a government-mandated closing of dining rooms in March, Cafe’s & Restaurants saw a jaw dropping 22.9% fall in revenue. To put that into perspective, total sales for Restaurants and Takeaways was down $890 million dollars compared to March 2019.

Commissions aren’t the only factor driving angst about the relationship between delivery platforms and the restaurant industry though. Control over service, en-route food quality and customer acquisition are vital for restaurants. Since introduction to the market in 2015, UberEats and Deliveroo have become inevitable gatekeepers between restaurants and their customers. While platforms offer opportunities to reach new patrons, they also pit restaurants against each other in a marketplace they have little control over.

Our online ordering systems allow restaurants to maintain full control over their product, their delivery, their data, and the total experience for their customers. Our system puts the control back in the restaurants hands and allows them to take unlimited orders for one low monthly fee.